Company Overview

Champion Grading and Paving LLC is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. With over 27 years of experience in the construction industry, we provide turnkey solutions. Offering services in demolition, grading, paving and environmental. Our team of experts specialize in managing large projects on a time sensitive schedule. Champion uses the latest technology to deliver high-quality site work, while making safety our top priority. Our core values are the essence of the company’s identity. We take pride in practicing these values to make decisions not only in the work environment, but in our personal lives as well. We have a proven track record of delivering our services on time and on budget. Let us pave the way for you the champion way.


Champion can assist you with all of your site work needs and provide the solutions that will result in a successful project. Visit our about us page to learn more about our company’s history! Contact us today and talk to one of our excavating experts today.


A properly constructed foundation plays a pivotal role in the structural integrity of the building that will be placed on the land. Champion provides high quality-excavating equipment to prepare your site for construction.
The experience that our excavating contractors bring to each project will allow us to strategically configure the topography of the site to meet the required specifications of the project. Subgrade stabilization is a key factor to ensure that the site does not experience cracks or structural damage.

The Trenching Process

If your construction site requires trenching, Champion Grading and Paving offers the experience needed to complete your project while complying with North Carolina city and state regulations. Trenching might be required in order to shape the land to match the construction regulations of the building that will be constructed on the land.

The Excavation Process

Champion can handle all phases of the pond excavation and pond construction process. We have developed a set of complex processes and procedures that allow us to streamline the pond excavation process, which saves our clients money, time, and can speed up development. Our pond excavation services are all-encompassing, from clearing the land through filling the pond. Champion will be involved though every step of the process, providing you with a one-stop excavation company.

Lot Clearing and Vegetation Removal

Transform the land of a construction site into a workable foundation with our land clearing solutions. No matter what state the building site is in, the excavation professionals at Champion can transform your land into a workable site. We offer complete land clearing solutions to get the construction site ready for the next stage of development. The total land clearing services that we provide include removal of all vegetation including stumps, debris, and other obstacles that might be preventing the building site from being worked on. If you prefer to only have selected trees, stumps, or debris removed, we can strategically clear out only designated areas of the lot that will affect the construction phase of the land development. Our land excavators will carefully review the site with you and prepare it for the required construction specifications.

The Land Stabilization Process

Improve the durability and strength of the soil surrounding your building site with our soil stabilization services. Soil stabilization should be considered before building on a construction site in order to ensure that the foundation of your building will be secure. The Champion team can evaluate your land to determine what soil stabilization technique will be required to improve the integrity of your project.

Soil Stabilization

Improve the durability and strength of the soil surrounding your building site with our soil stabilization services. Soil stabilization should be considered before building on a construction site in order to ensure that the foundation of your building will be secure. The excavation experts at Parker Excavation can evaluate your land to determine what soil stabilization technique will be required to improve the integrity of your lot.
Some of the soil stabilization techniques that we can offer are:

The Erosion Control Process

The Champion team is dedicated to protecting the environment. Erosion control occurs when any force leads to the destruction of the soil, cliffs, coasts or any other natural landscape features. Let the Champion team assist you with the following services:

The Paving Process

It is hard to beat the look of a freshly paved asphalt or concrete lot. Asphalt is a mixture of stones, sand, and liquid asphalt cement to create a durable, strong, and unbreakable appliance for your lot or driveway. These aggregates are heated and delivered to your property to be placed upon a base. Quickly after placing the asphalt, the hot mixture will cool, allowing you to drive on and park your vehicles shortly after the application is applied. Let one of our paving experts assist you today!


Site work construction encompasses a large part of the total construction project because it is typically considered to be anything that is worked on except for the building of the physical structure. This means it can be constructing the foundation of the building, trenching, excavating septic systems, digging pipelines, land clearing, pond excavation, soil stabilization, concrete placing, and many other services. Site work can make or break a project, which makes it incredibly important to lay a good foundation in order to get a high-quality end product.

It is common to think that excavating contractors only dig and haul dirt out of a job site, but excavating contractors are actually responsible for grading the soil, clearing the land, preparing the job site, and other tasks. One of the most important tasks that an excavator is responsible for is preparing the job site for construction. If the job site isn’t prepared properly it can make it difficult for the project to have success.

There are a wide variety of different excavation techniques that are used on construction sites. These different techniques are used in a variety of different situations. Depending on the type of project you have it is common to see excavation techniques such as channel excavation, bridge digging, drainage excavation, dredging, much digging, stripping, topsoil removal, borrowing, footing, or other techniques. Having a variety of different excavation techniques in their arsenal can provide a job site excavator with the tools needed to work on a large variety of different projects.

Excavation of a construction site can be a long process or a relatively short process depending on the project. The process is important to do well as this is the groundwork of the entire project. If the job site work isn’t done well, then it will be difficult for the project as a whole to go well. The excavation process typically begins with an analysis of the area. This is where the action plan is written up as well as all of the potential trouble areas such as piping or septic systems to be aware of before digging begins. The action plan is vital in order to keep the project on the set timeline as well as make sure than materials such as underground wiring or piping isn’t accidentally damaged.

Trenching is a common technique used in the excavation process because of its ability to accurately place underground infrastructure without having to dig up the entire site. Trenches are diggings that are long, narrow, and deeper than they are wide. This is different than typical excavation as those are typically holes that are roughly equal when it comes to their dimensions. Trenches are typically used when placing long infrastructure such as gas lines, water piping, or electrical wiring. The trenching will protect them because of how deep the trenches are typically dug. Trenching can be difficult to perform because of how narrow they are dug, which leaves the susceptible to collapse, and flooding. Our job site professionals are trained to deal with trenching as well as various other methods of excavation and construction site preparation.

We Are A Equal Opportunity Employer

Champion is dedicated to equality amongst all our employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other protected group status under federal, state or local law.